Discover people, events and conversations nearby

Powered by iBeacon technology.

Be part of the conversation

Centralized hyper-local information about events, people and promotions around you

Look who is talking

Do not get lost in the information flow of the event around you. Kontext shows you relevant details about the agenda and speakers information.

Know the people around you

See the profiles of people around you to help you meet new people and network better.

Have some fun

Play and win badges based on your location as you are moving around the venue. Get relevant information about awards or promotions local to you.

Safe and easy login

Get immediate access with your Twitter account. Free, easy and secure and we never post on Twitter without your explicit permission!

Catch up on the latest gossip

Kontext intelligently searches for the latest tweets and conversations from people around you.

One last thing!

Kontext will adjust to present you with many other useful details related to where you are. That can be maps, traffic, weather or maybe even the bar menu!

The power of micro location at your fingertips

Kontext is designed from the ground up with hyper-local relevance in mind. It utilizes iBeacon technology that empowers every day objects and places by giving them context. The app solves the problem of getting lost in the crowd at events and lowers the barrier to meeting new people by integrating with Twitter to get profile information of people around you and tweets related to the specific venue and event.

The app comes with a fun gamification element as well. It can be used for scavenger hunt type of games or simply as a hyper relevant promotion tool to let you know what the current promotions and discounts are available around you.

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